Height Safety Systems

Altitude High Access is an experienced and qualified installer of height safety systems. We can supply and install fall arrest systems, industrial rope access anchors, walkways, handrails, skylight covers and access ladders. We will work with you to provide a report on rooftop safety and implement a system that ensures your compliance with current height safety regulations. With ‘Sayfa’ accreditation, professional liability insurance, and a wealth of experience, you can be assured that Altitude High Access Pty Ltd is the right choice to help you meet your height safety occupational health and safety (OH&S) requirements.

A properly installed and certified height safety system will enable qualified personnel to conduct works at height in accordance with safety standards and in the most efficient manner possible. As both installers and end-users of height safety systems, Altitude High Access Pty Ltd will ensure your height safety system not only meets AS/NZ Standards, but will also enable the most cost-effective access to ongoing works, such as high rise window cleaning.

Altitude High Access Pty Ltd provides height safety equipment from supply, through to installation, inspection and ongoing certification. We also provide site inspections, safety audits and load test & certify existing height safety installations, including rope access anchors to AS/NZ standards.

Rope Access Anchors: Inspection, Testing & Certification

All existing and new anchor installations require annual certification for safe use. Altitude carries all required insurance. We are experienced and qualified to provide testing, inspection and certification services for all anchor systems.